Research & Development

Mdxhealth is the leader in molecular diagnostics for urologic cancer research with a proven track record to identify, develop, validate and deliver molecular diagnostic assays for prostate cancer. Leveraging our proprietary portfolio of genes, we are building a robust portfolio of biomarkers for diagnostic, prognostic and predictive molecular assays for urology. In addition, mdxhealth has numerous proprietary biomarkers for other solid cancer types ready for development.

We endeavor to stay at the cutting edge of molecular diagnostics by continuously exploring and developing new and improved clinically relevant products, approaches and techniques. Since 2010, when we first announced the transition in our business model from a research and licensing company to a commercial clinical diagnostic company, we have been rationalizing our R&D efforts with the goal to narrow our focus on select number of core development projects to bring to the market. With our current focus on urologic cancers, we have either delayed, partnered or suspended many of our development programs previously identified in our product pipeline.

Our ongoing core research and development efforts include:

  • Further enhancements of our Confirm mdx and Select mdx for Prostate Cancer tests
  • Identification and development of new prostate cancer biomarkers
  • Technology platform development to increase throughput and economic efficiencies in our testing and laboratory operations


Our research and development efforts are not limited to specific technology platforms, biomarkers or methodologies. We seek to leverage current and future innovations in biomarker identification and measurement in developing future solutions. Over the past decade, mdxhealth has assembled a world-class scientific team and acquired unique experience in the application of Next-Generation and Deep Sequencing technologies for the identification and validation of powerful epigenetic biomarkers.