Web-Based EMR Integration

A faster, more convenient way to order mdxhealth’s tests

Now offering an EMR-integrated software for electronic orders and results

Save Time & Admin Burden

 Quickly populate test order forms with patient demographics pulled directly from your EMR 

Improve Workflow

 Automatically complete test order forms, reduce errors and eliminate the need for paper forms 

Secure & Compliant

Secure access to test orders and results via HIPAA compliant system that seamlessly integrates with your existing EMR

What is it?

The new application is a “browser-like” platform that integrates with your existing web-based EMR to function as a bi-directional interface, allowing you to send test order forms and receive results electronically. The instant integration eliminates the long wait times and technical resources associated with a traditional EMR-lab integration, while providing the efficiency of electronic orders and results.

The HIPAA-compliant platform only accesses the required patient information on the mdxhealth test requisition form and does not have access to any other patient data in your EMR. Additionally, the platform transfers data through an encrypted exchange to ensure data is protected and private. 

How does it work?

Once installed, the application automatically populates the mdxhealth electronic test order form with your patient’s demographics, insurance information, diagnostic codes, physician notes and more directly from your existing EMR. After selecting the necessary test(s), the order is submitted to our lab. Results are also sent electronically, which can be saved directly to the patient’s chart. 

Ready to get started?

Reach out to your mdxhealth representative or Client Services at cs@mdxhealth.com to learn more!