Uncover Risk Hidden from the Microscope

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Unlock Hidden Insights with Confirm mdx

An innovative genomic test that analyzes beyond the biopsy sample

If you believe in the value of biomarker testing for treatment decisions after diagnosis, you should absolutely leverage that same powerful technology upfront to
avoid letting clinically significant cancer go undetected due to random and limited biopsy sampling.

As a urologist, you know the limitations of prostate biopsies. Examining just a few cores provides only a tiny snapshot – and the pathologist only examines
micrograms of the tissue sampled. But what if you could uncover insights on the tissue not sampled without an additional procedure?

Confirm mdx is the only genomic test that analyzes the broader tissue environment of the prostate to reveal the patient’s true prostate cancer risk that biopsy
alone cannot assess. Just as Genomic Prostate Score improves personalization and risk stratification for treatment planning, Confirm mdx improves risk
stratification for harboring aggressive disease. With a 96% negative predictive value, if Confirm mdx comes back negative alongside a negative biopsy, we can feel highly confident that we have not missed any clinically significant cancer.

With Confirm mdx, you gain:

Explore our case study exposing the hidden dangers of missed prostate cancer after a negative biopsy result.

This real-life case study underscores the fact that biopsy alone doesn’t always give the full picture. Don't let aggressive prostate cancer go undetected. Experience the power of Confirm mdx for yourself.

Patient First Promise and Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe no patient should be denied access to powerful diagnostic insights due to financial constraints. That’s why we are committed to making our tests accessible and affordable through our Patient First Promise. Every patient, regardless of insurance status, is eligible to apply for our financial assistance program. And with our Satisfaction Guarantee, you can recommend Confirm mdx with full confidence. If you are unsatisfied with how we handle any patient billing matter, we will refund the entire cost – no questions asked.