Disrupting the Standard of Care for Earlier Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Outcomes Rocket podcast featuring John Bellano, Chief Commercial Officer, MDxHealth

ConfirmMDx for Prostate Cancer

A tissue test that improves patient stratification for repeat biopsy so you can focus on finding aggressive prostate cancer.

SelectMDx for Prostate Cancer

A non-invasive urine test to improve patient selection for initial biopsy.

About UrNCollect

UrNCollect is a user-friendly device that enables a hygienic and standardized collection of the first 16 mL of the urine stream and reduces lab errors by automating preservative mixing without additional handling or traditional pipetting.

How ConfirmMDx Works

The ConfirmMDx field effect describes DNA methylation changes associated with prostate cancer in cells adjacent to the cancer foci. These DNA methylation changes are indistinguishable by histopathology but can be detected with the ConfirmMDx test.

Navigating the Prostate Cancer Journey (for Veterans and Their Caregivers)

The PsychArmor Institute partnered with Dr. Leonard Gomella to explain why biomarker tests, such as SelectMDx and ConfirmMDx, are important to ask about while being cared for at the VA.

Demystifying Genomic Testing (for Urologists)

The PsychArmor Institute partnered with Dr. Leonard Gomella to explain how VA urologists can use biomarker tests, such as SelectMDx and ConfirmMDx, to improve prostate cancer outcomes for Veterans.

New Genomic Solutions (for Pathologists)

The PsychArmor Institute partnered with Dr. Kirk Wojno to explain how VA pathologists can use ConfirmMDx results to provide more insight on a patient’s risk for aggressive prostate cancer.

About MDxHealth

MDxHealth is a molecular diagnostics company that develops and commercializes innovative tests for cancer assessment and the personalized treatments of patients. Utilizing our proprietary, patented DNA methylation platform and biomarkers, we help address the large and growing unmet medical need by offering tests that aid in the improvement of cancer diagnostics, prognosis and treatment.

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