Our tests provide you and your urologist with better insight on your personal risk for prostate cancer and whether you may benefit from a prostate biopsy.

As you get older and your prostate gets bigger, the amount of PSA in your blood rises.

An increased PSA level is a first indication that you may have a problem with your prostate. However, this does not necessarily mean you have prostate cancer. Non-cancerous conditions such as an inflamed prostate (prostatitis, for instance, due to a previous urinary infection) or an enlarged prostate (benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), adenoma) also can cause your PSA levels to rise.

Our Tests

MDxHealth Technology gives you and your physician additional information about your risk for prostate cancer.  This cancer-specific information can help you and your physician make an informed decision if you may benefit from a prostate biopsy that could detect cancer at an early stage so you can receive appropriate treatment sooner.


A pre-biopsy test that helps identify patients at increased risk for aggressive disease, thereby aiding in the selection of men for prostate biopsy.


For men with a previous negative prostate biopsy, the ConfirmMDx for Prostate Cancer post-biopsy test aids urologists in identifying truly negative men who may forego an unnecessary repeat biopsy procedure.

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