ConfirmMDx Posters and Abstracts

Clinical Utility Study of ConfirmMDx for Prostate Cancer in a Community Urology Practice

Summary: In this utility study, investigators provided ConfirmMDx results to community urology physicians for use in repeat biopsy decision-making. The study found that ConfirmMDx had a significant impact on repeat prostate biopsy decision-making. Repeat biopsy rates in ConfirmMDx positive men were six-fold higher than in ConfirmMDx negatives — 32.3% for ConfirmMDx positive men as compared to 5.8% for ConfirmMDx negative men. These results reflect the clinical utility of ConfirmMDx for biopsy decision-making in real world clinical practice.

Moderated poster: Board E18. For full abstract and list of authors, click here.