• The single most significant predictor of patient outcome among all currently available clinical factors, such as age, PSA level, and DRE results when compared to standard clinical risk factors
  • Included in the NCCN Guidelines for Prostate Cancer Early Detection
  • Does NOT require an additional office visit
  • Provides specific information for GS>7 Prostate Cancer

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Over 55+ Published Studies on the Test, Genes and Technology

Clinical Validation Study

Study of 211 African American Men

Evaluation of an Epigenetic Assay for Predicting Repeat Prostate Biopsy Outcome in African American Men

Clinical Validation Study

96% Negative Predictive Value for High-grade Cancer

Risk Score Predicts High-Grade Prostate Cancer in DNA-Methylation Positive, Histopathologically Negative Biopsies

Clinical Validation Study

The DOCUMENT Study: The Most Significant, Independent Predictor for Prostate Cancer in a Repeat Biopsy

Clinical Validation of an Epigenetic Assay to Predict Negative Histopathological Results in Repeat Prostate Biopsies

Clinical Validation Study

The MATLOC Study Included 483 Men with an Initial Negative Biopsy, Followed by a Positive or Negative Repeat Biopsy within 30 Months

Clinical Utility of an Epigenetic Assay to Detect Occult Prostate Cancer in Histopathologically Negative Biopsies: Results of the MATLOC Study

Clinical Utility Study

Reduced Rate of Repeated Prostate Biopsies Observed in ConfirmMDx

Reduced rate of Repeated Biopsies Observed in ConfirmMDx Clinical Utility Field Study

Health Economics Study

ConfirmMDx Reduces Healthcare Costs and Helps to Differentiate Patients Who Should Undergo Repeat Biopsies

Budget Impact Model: Epigenetic Assay Can Help Avoid Unnecessary Repeated Prostate Biopsies and Reduce Healthcare Spending